Twitter Reworking 140 Limit

With all of the talk about Twitter expanding its character limit (1,000+ characters has been thrown out), there was official word of changes this morning, though not nearly as dramatic. 

 In short, platform specifics like reply @mentions, images, GIFs, polls, and other items will no longer eat into character counts! This gives brands more more breathing room in composing Twitter content as many tweets now include media attachments. Moving forward, marketers and communicators will have a few more characters (22+) to work with. These changes are not immediate, and will take place ‘in the coming months.’ 

The next logical question is regarding links in tweets, but those will remain unchanged: Links will count for the current 23 characters (24 with a space). This is likely so users don’t fill up a tweet with dozens of links. Two more items to note, from Twitter’s official announcement:

  • Retweet and Quote Tweet yourself: Twitter will be enabling the Retweet button for users’ own Tweets, so you can easily Retweet or Quote Tweet yourself when you want to share a new reflection or feel like a really good one went unnoticed.
  • Goodbye, .@: These changes will help simplify the rules around Tweets that start with a username. New Tweets that begin with a username will reach all a user’s followers. (That means you’ll no longer have to use the ”.@” convention, which people currently use to broadcast Tweets broadly.) If you want a reply to be seen by all your followers, you will be able to Retweet it to signal that you intend for it to be viewed more broadly.

To be clear on one point, it appears standard (non-reply) @mentions will still factor into character counts. So, if we mention @GOLINglobal in a tweet, it will still count as 7 characters (8 with a space).

Here’s the full post on Twitter’s official blog:

Coming soon: express even more in 140 characters

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