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Working at Golin in Asia

We are relentlessly looking for bright, curious and talented people and because we’re different we see the value in hiring people who may have never thought about a career in communications as well as those for whom creative communications is a passion.

The type of people we look for

There are five things that make a Golin person stand out from the crowd: curiosity, creativity, bravery, collaboration and drive. These qualities, above all, we believe allow us to Go All In for our clients and each other.

What Go All means

Go All In is our commitment to bravery over mediocrity. It’s how we help our clients commit to awe inspiring ideas that create change. It’s also how we approach our careers and how we support each other as we strive to push the limits of what is expected.

Interested in joining a team driven by the aspiration to be the best in the industry? Then, Golin is for you. Above you can see how we invest in our brightest people and if that inspires you then click here to learn about the current opportunities across the region and the world for that matter.



Our founder, Al Golin, gives great career advice. “Go for broke” is one of our favorites. Because we believe you have to go all in in order to bring a big, game-changing idea to life. Al did just that the day he made a cold call to Ray Kroc when he only owned three hamburger stands. Because of that bravery and conviction, almost 60 years later, McDonald’s is still a client and has grown into one of most well-known brands in the world.

Our CEO, Fred Cook, didn’t get started in PR until he was 36. He is living proof that taking risks, experiencing the world around you and drawing on life experiences can ultimately land you at the top of your field.

AL's Day

Al’s Day is our annual global initiative in honor of our founder and chairman, Al Golin. We kicked off Al’s Day in 2009 as a way to embody Al’s strong belief in giving back to the community.  Each year around Al’s birthday on June 19, Golin offices from around the world participate in a day of service to help make a difference in their local communities.

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