Relevant brands resonate. They connect because they engage, equip, enlighten and entertain better than their competitors do.

To be relevant is to matter. We build brands that matter to the right people at the right time — and in real time. Our Relevance Roadmap process helps us find the “aha” insight — a human truth that drives a big but simple idea that we bring to life through compelling content and a disciplined engagement plan.

We’ve built relevant brands in virtually every category: Automotive, Beauty & Personal Care, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Retail, Spirits and Travel.


 Our team of planners and analysts leverage primary and secondary research to fuel the discovery of key insights that lead to on-strategy, breakthrough ideas.  We keep our finger on the pulse of marketing and consumer trends to ensure that our campaigns are relevant to the target consumer and aligned with where the marketplace is headed.

Relevance Roadmap

We tackle every brief and assignment with the Relevance Roadmap, an insight-driven planning process designed to leverage the full power of our g4 team.   The process helps us interrogate, investigate, differentiate, ideate, accelerate, activate and evaluate every project with rigor and impact.

Brand Building

Brands need a combination of consistency and renewal to stay relevant.  We help brands stay grounded in their unique purpose while keeping the message and medium fresh, innovative and unexpected.

Brand Voice

Our Brand Voice process captures the art — and science — of storytelling by determining the words, tone and style that a brand should use when communicating with target audiences. Brand Voice helps Golin clients tell compelling brand stories that change perceptions and build relevance.

Product Launches

New products are news, and we know how to capitalize on it through media- and influencer-driven launches that break through with impact and credibility.

We are a full-service agency that deploys a diverse mix of creative talent to attack client challenges with compelling content. Our expertise includes copywriting, photography, video production and real time social engagement.

For 60 years, Golin has produced consumer and media events that deliver an integrated brand message live and with impact. Our events range in size and scope from personal and influencer-driven to major activations that traverse countries and the globe.

We identify, engage and inspire tastemakers to tell your story in authentic ways. From major celebrities to strategic partnerships with leading social and tech platforms, our brand marketing specialists ensure that compelling client messaging reaches target audiences.

Media Relations

Our media specialists have broad and deep connections with major print, broadcast and online media. More important, they know how to tell and sell a story.

Social Media

As an agency with PR, Digital and Content at our core, we counsel our clients to include digital programming in every activation. From strategy and creative/technical development to real-time marketing and community management, we provide conceptual and tactical support in all facets of digital and social media communications.

Regional Contacts

Latin America

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Flavia Vigio

Executive Director


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Bibi Hilton

Managing Director, London

North Asia


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Vice President & General Manager, Shanghai

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Meiling Wee

Executive Director

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