At Golin, we know that branded content will only be successful if it earns the audience’s attention and endorsement before the media money kicks in. That’s exactly what sets apart engaging work today. Paid promotion is an important aspect of our branded content, but we don’t start with how we will pay for views. We start with ideas that will earn shares. And while our branded content spans from real-time commentary to short films of the highest creative quality, that fundamental belief is at the core of every piece of content we produce.

We are a full-service creative, content and distribution agency with global specialists who can drive relevance for brands leveraging a combination of blockbuster branding, Hollywood storytelling and real-time relevance.

Our global team is dedicated to attracting and keeping consumer attention, which is why we offer some of the most comprehensive content and distribution offerings in the industry: Versatile Formats, Creative Talent, Agile Production, Platform Know-how and Efficient Distribution.

By understanding a brand’s relevance drivers, we can do far more than just create a 30 second advertising spot. At Golin, we develop high-performance content that spans everything from web films to pins, blogs posts to tweets, and much more. Major publishing outlets refer to content in three distinct categories, and Golin – mixed with our experts from award-winning independent creative agency The Brooklyn Brothers – is fully equipped to create all three.

Hero Content

Hero Content consists of big blockbuster branding and Hollywood storytelling creative that appeals to a broad audience in an entertaining and unique way. By tapping into a network of recognized scriptwriters and onscreen talent, we can create work worthy of awe and action that captivates and generates its own audiences.

Hub Content

Hub Content is strategic creative that is developed regularly to give audiences a fresh perspective on products or brands, often appealing to or kick-starting passions among consumer targets. At Golin, we not only expose audiences to brand messaging, we inspire them to engage in each brand’s culture, allowing them to choose the content they want to see more of.

Help Content

Help Content is designed to educate and provoke consumers to use products in new and exciting ways. At Golin, we understand what consumers are looking for in a variety of industries, allowing us to craft cutting-edge creative that will draw in target audiences and ultimately evolve them into brand ambassadors.

Golin’s global network grants us the ability to tap into the industry’s highest-level talent for each unique piece of creative we develop. Our in-house teams create incredible branded content, particularly for owned and social channels. But our partnerships allow us to also leverage creative far beyond our agency walls. We work with some of the world’s most influential content creators on assets that would be relevant for their channels as well, giving brands access to expanded audiences and heightened opportunities.

A common struggle with content creation is the process and time it takes to plan and produce compelling pieces. But at Golin, we do it differently. We can move creative at the speed of culture by activating The Bridge, the world’s largest relevance engine, to identify social conversations and media topics that present real-time creative opportunities for brands to reach target consumers.

The best content isn’t just creative, it’s custom-built for the channels in which it lives.  We maintain deep working relationships with many of the world’s biggest digital and social platforms and online communities, and we understand how to create content that’s optimized for the environments in which it will live.  Often, we’re working closely with insiders at the tech platforms themselves to refine and optimize content based on unique opportunities of the channel, and the unique needs of audiences inside each.  These relationships translate into better, higher-performing content, better audience targeting and distribution efficiencies.

We deliver content at the speed of culture. On the production side, our teams don’t have the bloat that typical creative shops have, allowing us to be nimble and work faster and easier to create valued content. On the distribution side, we recognize how paid and earned media work together to drive results in the most cost-effective marketing ways.

Proprietary Offerings

Golin applies award-winning agency talent and a dedicated g4 Creator community of specialists to produce brave work that creates positive change for clients. Our exclusive offerings include planning, creative, content development, brand messaging, social engagement and measurement to help clients succeed in sharing entertaining branded content.

We help brands create powerful, discernable voices in traditional and social/digital media environments through Brand Voice. Relying on rich audience profiling data, Golin creates unique personas for brands that dictate social personality, tonality and voice, and visual style.  The result? Higher-performing storytelling and campaign activations among targets who view brands as more interesting, approachable, and human.

Along with the evolution of our agency came a new approach to planning. Our experts have designed a pathway that understands and dissects why consumers only allow 1% of outside messaging to break through the clutter. We know that if a brand isn’t relevant, it’s irrelevant. And through these techniques, we can hone in on the content that is worthy of an audience’s attention.

Relevance Fingerprint is our data-driven analytics methodology for understanding the prevalence, intensity and qualitative dimensions of brand relevance.

Influencer Radar is a holistic approach to identifying and activating the right influencers for ongoing relationship building and short-term campaign support, using both paid and earned strategies. We go beyond basic reach metrics or score rankings and calculate influence through a qualitative and quantitative brand relevance filter. Golin selects tastemakers based on several critical factors including topical credibility, content creation quality and effectiveness, demographic and psychographic alignment, and brand fit.

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