We pair creative consumer marketing and branding, with experience in science, clinical practice and regulatory issues. From strategy through execution, we lead our clients through critical communications challenges that recognize and capitalize on opportunities, ranging from new product launches, regulatory milestones, health policy initiatives and advocacy relations.

Golin understands that within the highly regulated global healthcare environment, innovation can be a difficult goal to attain, and yet, time and time again, we have proven that doing something different can have tangible benefits. We also know the most effective programs are meaningful, relevant, heard and acted upon. They inspire action to change or reinforce desired behavior and attitudes for brands.

We’re bold. We aren’t afraid to take risks that affect big change. We deliver innovative approaches to healthcare communications by combining the best in reputation building and branding—a Golin hallmark—with deep therapeutic knowledge and expertise.


Advocacy has emerged as one of the most trusted sources of information and communication for patient education and disease awareness initiatives. One of the greatest challenges healthcare companies face in achieving and maintaining success in a crowded marketplace is garnering external validation for a medical product or therapy it offers. That’s why building a network of advocates is so critical.

Golin has extensive experience in crisis management. Our experts bring to the table backgrounds in litigation support, executive counsel, employee and labor communications, financial communications, public affairs, strategic alliance building and media placement. We understand how to manage a crisis that is within a company’s control, and how to manage one that is not. We also understand that companies with the appropriate culture and crisis plan in place experience fewer crises, stay in business longer, fare better in difficult times and enjoy more favorable reputations. Our philosophy is that crisis preparedness is part of the overall planning process. Effective crisis plans are founded on ethical core values and, if properly implemented, can help avert loss of public confidence. An established crisis response capability builds a reservoir of trust among stakeholders and credible third parties that can protect corporate reputation.

For any pharmaceutical company with a new molecule, the public disclosure of key data or specific product development milestones is as exciting as it is sensitive. The eyes of opinion leaders, analysts, and top-tier healthcare and business media are all on the company, requiring public relations professionals to balance the need for positive and accurate coverage with the importance of market timing and the rules of scientific exchange. Medical meetings provide important opportunities to engage healthcare professionals, media and advocacy organizations. Our team has helped clients develop original programming and relationship-building initiatives to help them remain relevant to their key audiences. Golin can also help clients at medial meetings by providing on- and off-site information and intelligence gathering to assess competitive news activities and identify insights. We’ll translate these insights into new ideas to help meet your business objectives.

Healthcare professionals are the gatekeepers of information for patients and caregivers, and a critical audience to ensure your brand messages are heard, understood and believed. The healthcare professional landscape continues to evolve, and the “physician” is no longer the only audience. With the number of physicians decreasing and the nurse practitioner population expected to double by 2025, reaching all healthcare professionals is the only way to make certain your brand and its messages are reaching the critical influencers.

From healthcare policy to consumer marketing, media relations expertise is at the core of Golin’s capabilities. Our Connector community has broad and deep connections with major print, broadcast and online media globally. We have the contacts and we know what resonates with them. While having the right contacts is important, telling a story that captures their attention is even more crucial. Our experts use our proprietary real-time engagement center, The Bridge, to monitor real-time developments in policy, traditional media, social media discussion and consumer sentiment. We can enter into conversations already occurring – or start new ones – as we keep our fingers on the pulse of your issues in local markets and nationally. At the same time, we evaluate the tenor, tone and volume of dialogue in a way that enables us to propose and deliver the appropriate response at all times. And in a crisis, using The Bridge as our command center will enable us to gather deep insights quickly and translate them into actionable counsel for clients.

Nothing is more important to the quality and sustainability of communications programs than the ability to measure progress against specific goals. Any effective communications measurement system must accomplish two critical and complementary objectives: measuring program outputs to ensure messages are being distributed and measuring the change in stakeholder attitudes and behaviors that correlate to communications exposure.

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