Millennials, Gen Z, Urban, Mainstream… At Golin this is the new vernacular for Multicultural and Diverse segment marketing/PR. From ethnic-specific to LGBTQ-focused communications to Total Market strategy, our team has a pulse on the shifting demographics that help companies and brands explore relevant ways to build brand loyalty with these important growth markets. Our approach to multicultural public relations is based on developing strategies and messages that are culturally-relevant to consumers, whether programs are uniquely ethnic or cross-cultural or “mainstream.” Our team is made up of experts that live the multicultural and cross-cultural experience, allowing them to offer clients innate insights into the African American, LGBTQ and Latino markets across a variety of industries.

Total market is a term we are familiar with, and in fact Golin has embraced total market as part of broader multicultural approaches where it makes sense to a client’s needs.

At Golin, we are equipped in helping communication organizations shift or formalize to a total market approach. From ensuring operational readiness, to establishing a strategic approach to developing brand-/product-focused plans that integrate communications and reach a more multicultural mainstream, Golin can support by:

  • Bringing culture to the forefront of the strategic process
  • Creating programming and media strategy that puts culture, multicultural and LGBTQ consumers in the forefront as opposed to an add-on
  • Helping organizations recognize that culturally influential groups like African American, Hispanic and LGBTQ consumers will lead future marketing ideation, as well as product innovation
  • Introducing internal clients to cultural influence, ethnic insights, nuance, preferred media choices and trendsetting
  • Supporting cases for more dollars, not fewer, to multicultural segments, and leveraging the positive percentage year-over-year growth they bring to the business
  • Counseling on how multicultural experts can have a seat at all tables – the planning, media strategy, ideation, client relationship building, new biz and organic growth tables

Whether it be a corporate stance on the political landscape or an advertising spot celebrating diverse families, clients are experiencing a significant increase of questions about stances on LGBTQ rights and brand/corporate participation in the LGBTQ community, as well as a stronger desire to be inclusive in their communications and marketing efforts. We are committed to our clients through celebration and through crisis.

Through its recent work the Golin Multicultural Practice has experience guiding clients through communication strategies related to LGBTQ-related issues and initiatives. Our LGBTQ communications experts proactively assist our teams and clients on strategy and outreach, whether it’s brought to the table as a proactive opportunity or a reactive issues management situation. Our team can lend support in the following ways:

  • Strategic counsel and quality control for sensitivities in development of campaign platforms, creative content and materials
  • Access to our network of strong, fostered relationships with key LGBTQ organizations, media contacts and influencers
  • Development of audits on media and consumer sentiment, related to a company’s participation in LGBTQ issues, milestones and celebrations
  • Development and review of related statements and messaging
  • Social media listening and analysis on the topic
  • Participation with your/client’s crisis team

Studies show that multicultural audiences trust influencers in their communities above mainstream media and general market influencers. African American, LGBTQ and Hispanic consumers are already having conversations about issues important to them – conversations companies and brands want to be part of.

Our approach to influencer identification, outreach, and activation extends the current conversations brands and influencers are having separately into a combined, powerful and real-time discussion that benefits both brands and influencers alike.

We evaluate the quality of the influencer based on a number of characteristics, including:

  • Level of connectedness within the industry or community
  • Creativity of content they produce, conversations they have online
  • Quality, not just quantity, of audience they attract
  • Specific segment of audience they attract
  • Total audience in Digital/Social Media
  • Coverage or receptiveness in media
  • Impact from past branded activities
  • Ability to influence search
  • Affinity with the brand

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