Brian Beck

Chief Financial OfficerChicago

In keeping with the Go All In mantra beyond managing the financial matters of the agency, Brian is also deeply involved in corporate development, acquisitions, strategic counsel, real estate, legal, project management and anything that supports the agency’s operational performance. Throughout his career he has been a key partner to leaders and teams across the globe, ensuring that strong financial and operational foundations exist in order to help drive results. He is also a member of the Bright Collective, the agency’s co-creation portal where creative minds think up big ideas.

Brian is a graduate of the University of Iowa, attends executive leadership programs at the University of Notre Dame, and with his wife and family participates in numerous charitable efforts via their local schools and activities.


A music aficionado and guitar player, Brian keeps active in a handful of bands and projects, and spends far too much time looking at gear that he really doesn’t need and probably shouldn’t buy.

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