Welcome to Golin London.

We’re an integrated communications agency that’s just been named ‘Agency of the Year’ six times in a row.

At Golin, we possess the power to inspire and create change. By embracing new technologies and pushing creative boundaries, we help our clients adapt and win in a constantly changing world.

We do things differently. Using our revolutionary g4 model, our specialist communities use proprietary tools to plan and execute powerful campaigns designed to create positive change for our clients.

Our Practices


Real world insights, brave creative, landmark results. Golin crafts bold communications campaigns for clients in the consumer, corporate, healthcare and technology sectors.

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We look for the brightest, most courageous people to take on our digital challenges. From global website builds to games and award-winning films, our rich digital content helps to fuel campaigns across all media channels.

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We’re dedicated to driving purposeful engagement for our clients. We create social campaigns and ‘always-on’ content that cuts through the noise across social media platforms.

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Sunshine (rule) comes to Britain today

The pharmaceutical industry’s period of transformation persists. There are more challenges towards the cost and affordability of medicines; the burden of chronic diseases is rapidly increasing worldwide and, of course, Brexit will have a profound impact…

Leadership Excellence – Unicorns & Rainbows?

As an independent personal development coach, I’ve had the privilege of working across an eclectic range of businesses to help enhance leadership excellence and managerial capability. Whilst the nuances may be different, there are two very…

Can I survive with no smart phone for two months?

My name is Chloe Abrahams, I’m 22 years old and I’m the Golin Untern. I’m about to get paid to spend two months travelling around the world, followed by three months interning in the London office….

Great news is pharma’s best medicine

Progress in medical research and development is accelerating at an astonishing rate. I’ve seen some wonderful research stories recently, that make me think the big health issues of our time may not be insurmountable challenges. Just one…

3 new roles boost Golin’s digital team

Golin’s digital team gets a boost with 3 newly-created roles that will drive integrated solutions and meet client demand for digital content. We welcome Alex Michael as executive digital director, formerly of VCCP Kin, and Catherine Pryce…



  • PRWeek Global International Agency


  • PRWeek Large Consultancy of the Year
  • PRWeek Agency of the Year
  • PRWeek Global International Agency
  • SABRE Award for Entertainment – #Hoffornot – David Hasselhoff
  • PRmoment Large Agency of the Year
  • PRCA Corporate Social Responsibility Award – npower Fuelbanks


  • Holmes UK Consultancy of the Year
  • Holmes Best Places to Work
  • PRWeek Best UK Agency to Work for


  • Holmes UK Consultancy of the Year
  • PRWeek UK Consultancy of the Year
  • PRWeek UK Large Consultancy of the Year
  • The Grocer Consumer PR Agency of the Year