How I brought my adventure into the office

Over the last six months I’ve travelled the world, been on live TV, improved my video editing skills, met with clients and helped deliver creative ideas. My unconventional internship, the Golin Unternship, is now drawing to a close and it’s been an incredible experience.

When I first read about the Unternship it seemed like a dream, and I never expected that a few months later I’d be packing for the trip of a lifetime. I spent eight weeks living with remote communities without my smartphone, then came to the office for four months – using what I learnt on the road to bring new perspectives to the creative work at Golin.


The Unternship is an experience that’s impossible to forget. It has allowed me to use my creativity in ways I never imagined, and it has completely opened my eyes to the world of communications; a career path that wasn’t on my horizons before I came across the programme.

My digital detox adventure taught me invaluable skills and a great deal about myself that would have been difficult for me to learn from a purely office-based internship.

For example, I followed a real social network of local people on San Cristobal Island to find a man who had been captured by the Ecuadorian government. I practiced endurance by staying up all night in a freezing cold bus station in Peru as I had no way of checking the schedule. And I honed my writing skills by sending weekly hand-written letters back to Golin.


Since returning to the office, my adventures have positively influenced the work at Golin. I’ve used the non-digital communication insights I gained from my digital detox adventure to shape creative research on briefs.

I even managed to inspire some people to try a digital detox too!

I’ve also gained an insight into the inner-workings of a large PR Agency and have had the opportunity to meet with clients and even pitch for new business. It’s been fascinating to follow the process from brief to pitch and beyond.

I’ve had a truly memorable time at Golin, and it will be sad to leave all the friendly faces I’ve grown close to over the last few months. I’ve learnt a huge amount about different cultures and about the world of PR and communications.

The Unternship is a fantastic programme that’s given me the opportunity to gain one-of-a-kind experiences. I’m now off to Paris, but I can’t wait to hear about the adventures of the 2017 Golin Untern!

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