A day in the life of … a tech connector manager

What I do

My title at Golin is Connector Manager, which means I’m the person who’s responsible for creating coverage and driving media strategies. Typically, the best part of my day is spent engaging with key journalist contacts around my clients’ latest news. I also attribute a lot of time to tracking the media agenda, assessing it to see whether it could impact or involve my clients in any way.

A typical day in the life

9 – 10am – Before I start any work I need to make a stellar cup of coffee; because caffeine and lots of sugar make the world go round – well, my world anyway. Once sufficiently charged up, it’s time to plug into the matrix and find out what’s going on in the world! During this period I’m on the hunt for noteworthy stories, ones that are of general industry relevance or those that we could have our client contribute towards.

10 – 11am – Time to respond to client emails and journalist enquiries, and catch-up with the team to confirm the day’s priorities and deadlines. This is also a popular time for client calls to catch-up on the week’s activities and to discuss ongoing campaigns/projects.

11.00 – 12.00pm – This point of the day is pretty varied and can include pitching client content for journalist articles or even conducting social activity. I usually tie up the most important tasks of the day before 12, which means that I can concentrate on more pro-active activity after lunch.

12.00 – 1.00pm – Time to grab some grub at the famous Leather Lane market. What to eat is usually the most challenging part of my day, as the options are endless! The lunch returns to my desk where my multi-tasking is truly a joy to behold – holding food in one hand and navigating my computer mouse is genuinely a skill! I use this time to both eat and browse through the news again to see how stories are developing through the day.

1.00 – 4.30pm – Again, what I do during this time changes significantly. However, it can include things like drafting social schedules, working with the design team to create visuals and animations, preparing comment for journalist articles, working-up media alerts, planning for client events or meeting up with journalists for drinks/lunch.

4.30 – 5.30pm – I generally use the end of the day to catch-up with various teams to discuss progress on activities and also confirm priorities for the next day. This time is also used to tie-up any loose ends and respond to any outstanding enquiries. I also use the final minutes of the day to update client coverage trackers and status updates, as well as to complete timesheets and general admin.

What I love the most

Speaking to journalists and securing great coverage results! My media relations specialism allows me to tap into what I’m good at – communicating and building relationships with people.

My favourite moment

Definitely Golin socials. For our summer party we hired out a field where we had live singers and funfair activities, while for Christmas we were at a rooftop venue with a Viking themed tipi in Shoreditch.

Best piece of advice I’ve received

Work smart not hard – advice given to me by myself.