A Day in The Life

What I do

I’m a senior manager in Golin’s technology practice. We’re a team of 14 who manage clients covering everything from the cloud to wireless charging. My role as a ‘catalyst’ means that I am responsible for overseeing, planning and coordinating activity across my accounts. My specialism lies in global co-ordination and events which means I can either be on early or late calls on some days depending on which market I am working with that day!

A typical day

8am-9am – Is all about catching up on what has happened since I left the office. I work from 8am-4.30pm since I returned from maternity leave late in 2016, so I will spend the first hour of the day reading and responding to emails which may have come through during my commute or speaking with our colleagues in Hong Kong on a new campaign for a client. I will also check our tool, Bridge Deck, to monitor for any news hijack opportunities for my clients before speaking with the team about the best approach to present these to clients and link them back to campaign objectives.

9am-12noon – This is where I get the bulk of my plans written as I am very much a morning person. This could include planning out a timeline for an upcoming event and working out all of the little details which are important to do a good job and make an event successful. I will also consult with strategists (our data and insights specialists) and connectors (our channel or media experts) whilst I am pulling this together to ensure they have all of the background info in good time in order to speak to journalists/influencers or create a specific insight report.

12noon-1pm – As I finish a little earlier in the day (and it has felt like an age since breakfast), I will pop out to get something to eat before coming back to the office and being that person who works at my desk over lunch to ensure reports and plans can be delivered in time for the US market coming online. I will also have a check of Twitter and the BBC News website to see what’s been going on that morning.

1pm-3pm – During this time, I will meet with my teams and catch up on weekly calls with clients about priorities for the week as well as discuss and plan for upcoming thought leadership campaigns.

3pm-4.30pm – This is the second big window of time for me to action the items discussed with the team and clients and ensure I am prepped for the next day – especially if I might be attending an event or client meeting – before heading off to do nursery pick-up.

4.30pm onwards – On my commute home, I will keep an eye out for emails from clients which I can respond to easily enough or attend calls with my colleagues and clients on the West Coast of the US.

What I love

The flexibility and support which Golin provides for mothers returning to work after mat leave. I am able to work days and hours that suit nursery and through Golin’s ‘LifeTime’ umbrella of benefits and flexible approach to allow employees to optimally manage all components of their lives. If I need to work from home or take a day to look after a sick child, I know that there is complete support to do so.

Best advice I have received

It’s PR, not ER. Something I still have to remind myself on one of those days (you all know what I mean).