LA vs London: And the winner is…

For the past couple of weeks I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of spending time in the Golin London office as the lucky winner of an inter-agency competition.

Spending time in another Golin office is a bit disorienting. It’s like starting an entirely new job, only you already know all the corporate lingo.

But really, the offices aren’t as different as I thought they would be. So I won’t string you along to the end of the blog—just like a cheap carnival game, everybody’s a winner in LA vs London.

But competition is not dead! There are a few noteworthy differences, and each office wins in different categories.

In the beverage department… London is the clear winner. We’ve both got coffee machines, but only London has a dedicated milk fridge. Now that I’ve seen the light when it comes to milk with my tea, the LA office is clearly lacking.

When it comes to the view… LA comes out on top, by about 21 stories. The London office is beautiful, but LA has a panorama view of the city, including the Hollywood sign.

Pertaining to politeness… If I left it up to London they’d probably hold the door open for LA to take the award. Not to say that LA is impolite by any means, but I have never had to turn down so many cups of tea in my life.

If we’re talking about the weather… Do I even really need to say?

But the most important part of any office is, of course, the people. And when it comes to the people, both LA and London are full of the same people—the ones who know how to have a good time, the ones who care about doing great work, and the ones who (I’m going there) go all in for each other.

It was an incredible four weeks in London, but the only thing I learned for sure is that Golin sure knows how to pick ‘em, all around the world.