Experience, adventure, creativity. Some things in life can’t be taught in the office. Our unconventional Unternship opens you up to fresh perspectives, by paying you to take an awe-inspiring two month adventure of your choice, followed by a three month paid internship in Golin’s London office. We are looking for unconventional candidates from diverse backgrounds to jump start their career by learning outside the office. They will then return to Golin’s London office ready to unleash their energy and findings on our work and culture.

The Details

The Adventure

Break free from the office and make the real world your workspace for two months. Gain valuable life experiences that will play into your office placement in London. Be audacious, not afraid. Stay bold, not boring. Remain driven, not distracted. It’s your job to shatter the traditional agency mould and create your own, unique Unternship adventure anywhere in the world.

The Office Role 

The Untern will join our content team in design or social depending on your interests/skills. Responsibilities could include helping to manage and produce social media activity, writing, community engagement and direct consumer response for major brands. Or if you have design skills, you could work in our content design team creating brand digital content, infographics, pitch decks and more.

The Requirements

The Unternship goes well beyond simply going on a journey. You get to choose the adventure of your dreams, plan every detail and then we’ll keep you challenged, asking you to create content that documents every step of your amazing journey. Creative tasks to share the experiences will include regular blogs and social media posts, videos and media interviews. Be prepared to Go All In!


We know that bright people come from different places and have experienced different things, so we are searching far and wide to find that undiscovered talent from an unlikely background. There is no CV upload, no application form, we simply want to understand more about you and what you would do in your two month adventure.

To apply for the Unternship you must have the legal right to work in the UK. You must be over 18 years old. You must be available from 10 July until 8 December 2017. Candidates should NOT be on a university placement year. The Untern will have £4500 to plan and fulfill their adventure, followed by an annual salary of £18,500 during the 3 month office placement. The Untern will also receive help with London housing costs, available through our Golin B&B internship initiative.

Be Inspired

Chloe Abrahams was our first Golin London Untern, see her video and blog below. Chloe dazzled the agency in 2016 with her unique Unternship idea to leave her smartphone at home and visit the world’s most remote and unconnected communities. She discovered exactly what it means to communicate on a human level, with no social media or tech to distract her. Chloe visited the wilds of the Amazon jungle to an off-grid community in Montenegro.

In 2015 Akinbola Richardson mesmerised Golin Chicago as the first US Golin Untern. His bold idea was to gain new perspectives on cultures and societies while living with the Amish, rebuilding Hurricane Katrina damaged homes and sweating it out in an Indian Sweat Lodge. In 2016, US Golin Untern Megan Duncan was inspired by six different cultures across the US.

Chloe's Untern Diary

How I brought my adventure into the office

Over the last six months I’ve travelled the world, been on live TV, improved my video editing skills, met with clients and helped deliver creative ideas. My unconventional internship, the Golin Unternship, is now drawing to…

My unforgettable digital detox Untern adventure

As the Golin Untern I chose to spend my two-month adventure without my smartphone. No connection to social media. I was on a mission to cut through the noise that we are bombarded with each day,…

‘Traveling without a smartphone, I had to get creative’

When Golin Untern Chloe Abrahams said her adventure was travelling the world without her smartphone, we knew we’d found our unconventional Unternship candidate. Chloe handed over her smartphone and visited the world’s most remote locations from the Galapagos…

Chloe goes ‘full monte’ in off-grid Montenegro

Chloe takes  Golin’s ‘Go All In’ ethos to heart and spends a ‘clothing optional’ week in an off-grid community in Montenegro. Read the final letter home from her  incredible smartphone-free Untern adventure… To continue with my…

Arriving in Montenegro

Montenegro is the next stop on the Golin Untern’s digital detox adventure. Without access to her smartphone, Chloe Abrahams relies on the local network to find a guest house… Dear Golin, It has been an extremely long…

The floating islands of Lake Titicaca

In her seventh letter home, Golin Untern Chloe Abrahams starts to miss Facebook as she visits her final South American destination, the floating islands of Lake Titicaca… Dear Golin Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America, and at almost…