Siemens Influencing Digitalisation


Golin was brought on board to position Siemens as the forefront of digitalisation through an  influencer programme with hand-picked members who cared about, and had the ability to influence, the future development of societies.


Golin’s strategists shortlisted 100 influencers on social media across the topic of digitalisation using a set bespoke criteria based on reach, resonance and relevance. Real-time monitoring using private Twitter lists allowed us to flag engagement opportunities designed to build dialogue and make a positive contribution to the conversations our influencers were already having.


In twelve months Siemens has gone from having absolutely no share of voice in digitalisation to leapfrogging three of its biggest competitors, GE, HP and Samsung.  Siemens is now included on the curriculum of Oxford University and invited to speak to university students studying smart technologies.