We’re taking a page from the successful and unconventional career of Golin CEO Fred Cook to forge the next generation of top agency talent. This year’s 2016 Golin Untern will unlock their adventurous spirit and fearless creativity at a critical point in their life. The Golin Untern will embark on a six-week journey filled with once in a lifetime experiences, jumpstarting their career by learning outside the office.  

Learn more about the Golin Unternship from Golin CEO Fred Cook:


Megan Duncan kicked off her Unternship adventure across the U.S. on June 1. Her goal: to meet as many starkly different cultures as she can and find the common thread that unites us all.

Read about her adventures on her blog and follow along on Instagram and Twitter.

The Details

Break free from the cubicle and make the real world your workspace for six weeks. Learn hands-on skills and gain valuable experiences that will play into your first full-time job, documenting every step along the way. When you return, unleash your fresh, innovative perspective on Golin’s client work and culture.

The Qualities 

Be audacious, not afraid. Stay bold, not boring. Remain driven, not distracted. As an Untern, it’s your job to shatter the traditional agency mold and conjure your own, unique Unternship adventure anywhere in the U.S. Be prepared for plenty of unbelievable and unexpected creative challenges along the way.

The Requirements

The Unternship goes well beyond taking on an unlikely journey. We’ll keep the successful Untern challenged and inspired with creative tasks to share their experiences, including regular blogs and social media posts, videos, media interviews, speaking engagements and more. After the six-week Unternship, the Untern will be offered a full-time position with Golin, starting September 2016.

Get Inspired

Our first Untern Akinbola Richardson mesmerized the agency with his bold idea to gain new perspectives on cultures and societies while living with the Amish, rebuilding Hurricane Katrina damaged homes and helping the homeless. Throughout the summer, our first Golin untern also faced his fears by tackling physical and mental challenges such as completing the Tough Mudder competition, hiking to the peak of a Hawaiian volcano and sweating it out in an Indian Sweat Lodge. Now as a full-time Goliner, he’s developing compelling creative and concepting, directing and editing videos for blue chip clients. Read about his adventures here.

Check out our 2015 Untern’s unlikely experiences in the wrap-up video below:

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