Book Depository


The Hong Kong Book Fair is an annual occasion where book lovers can browse and shop the latest books. As Book Depository lacks a physical presence and is only online, the challenge was based on piquing individuals’ interest to head to the site and purchase.

To raise awareness, we developed an inventive influencer campaign, where we collaborated with 10 local mom bloggers to launch the #ReadTogether campaign. We included bloggers sharing their personal experiences on telling bedtime stories to children. We then cemented Book Depository’s brand position with on-stage performances at The Hong Kong Book Fair and a social media contest; partnering with local performance troupe Rumple & Friends to host a 30-minute storytelling event based on a script written and conceived by the Golin creative team.

The entire campaign reached over 343,031 users on social media, with a total of 264,401 impressions & video views on owned platforms and achieved an EAV of HK$525,000.

Further results during the campaign period included:

  • 22 pieces of blogger coverage and 6 pieces of media coverage with 100% key message penetration
  • Hosted a live interactive storytelling event for 100+ attendees
  • Sales in Hong Kong increased over 50% in comparison to pre-campaign period
  • Book Depository was overall ranked no.3 in terms of revenue, out of 130 countries
  • HK traffic increased by 57.3% and HK revenue increased by 53.4% following the campaign