Image for Magnum: Virtual Pleasure Auction


Virtual Pleasure Auction

Magnum tasked Golin with launching its most luxurious ice cream to date – the limited edition Double Gold Caramel Billionaire – bringing decadent indulgence to life for Magnum Pleasure Seekers across Singapore.

Harnessing the insight that the idea of money being no object, even if for a moment, is one of the things in life that gives us true pleasure, we launched the Magnum Pleasure Auction: a virtual, gamified space where Pleasure Seekers could earn exclusive Magnum gold coins and bid for limited-edition Magnum merchandise and experiences.

Through our collaboration with renowned local artist Tiffany Lovage, lifestyle influencer Daryl Aiden Yow, and perfumery Maison21G, a curation of diverse pleasure-inspired experiences drove participants to the auction platform. These experiences include an exclusive painting workshop, a curated baking lesson and fragrance workshops on which Pleasure Seekers could bid.

We gave 121,000 visitors the chance to be Magnum Billionaires, with an average of 6.5 minutes per play session, collectively spending 2.5 billion Gold Coins. We secured over 350 earned media and influencer coverage, with an audience reach of 17.5 Million and close to 500,000 brand interactions.