Challenge:  Many people in Hong Kong are ambivalent to the issues facing Asian Elephants.  The parade, supported by Swire Properties Ltd, placed over 100 uniquely designed elephants across three of Swire’s shopping malls to promote elephant conversation.  In addition to launching the parade, our job was to enable people to engage with it socially to help paint a brighter future for the elephants.

Creative: We created a simple call to action for people to ‘Be Part of It’.  We created the parade’s Facebook page and used this as the main social platform to drive engagement.  A large Instagram video wall was installed to encourage people to post and share their photos.  Facebook and Instagram competitions drove engagement even further and we used prominent KOLs to spark conversations around the plight of the Asian Elephant and the ivory trade.

Change: Over 1500 photos were shared on Instagram with the hashtag #elephantparadehk. More than 300 conversations were generated on Facebook and Twitter with prominent online media and celebrities calling attention to the issues facing Asian Elephants.  The combined reach of the social conversations was over 1.2 million people.  The Elephant Parade Facebook page saw a significant growth of 2,300 fans.  Most importantly, the combination of the 520 pieces of media coverage and the social conversations helped raised over $270,000 USD for the Asia Elephant Foundation at the final charity auction.