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WaterWipes Launches Virtual Life-Line for New Parents

May 6, 2020

With parents less able to physically access their network of healthcare professionals, friends and family, many are denied much-needed emotional support to help them through the enormity of becoming a new parent. To support new and expecting parents, we’re helping Waterwipes launch an initiative to help with the challenges of welcoming a baby into the world during social distancing.

The Early Days Club, is a virtual platform that gives parents access to healthcare professionals and a peer-to-peer support network. It’s designed to provide reassurance through expert guidance and social interaction – at a time when both are in limited supply.

Created by Golin and sister agency, The Brooklyn Brothers, The Early Days Club will allow parents to interact live with a panel of experts and influencers. On May 7th, The Early Days Club will  kick off on Zoom by bringing new and expecting parents together through a live event panel with guest host, comedian Ellie Taylor.

Taking place at 2pm, parents will be able to tune in and have their questions answered on dealing with early parenting moments during COVID-19 by a star-studded panel, including Myleene Klass, Ryan Thomas and health professionals Dr Laura Lenihan and midwife Marie Louise – both of which are currently expecting. Find out more about the event and panel here.


“When it comes to working with influencers at this time, authenticity matters. It’s never been more important for influencers to have a credible connection with what they are talking about. That’s why our panel, even our experts, are expectant or new parents themselves – embracing livestreaming from their own chaotic living rooms, and showing our audience that we’re all in this together,” says Natasha Weeks,  Golin Executive Director.

Together they will answer burning questions, bust myths and tackle taboos in a way that feels open, honest and relatable. By showing new and expecting parents that they’re not alone, WaterWipes hopes to inspire them with the self-belief to make it through these challenging early days.

“As a brand created for parents, by parents, we know that it’s easy to be lacking self-belief at the moment. We wanted to respond to that through action. Through Early Days Club, we’ve mobilised the community built through our existing #thisisparenthood platform – engaging healthcare professional and influencers who share our unique passion for more honest, empowering conversation around parenting. Hopefully we can show that no matter what life throws at parents – together we can make it through with a laugh and a smile,”  said Jamie Caul, WaterWipes Marketing Manager UKI.

The activity comes as part of a larger response to the crisis in which WaterWipes has turned its social channels into a support network, providing practical advice from healthcare professionals, through to moments of much-needed light relief when parents need it most. This builds on the brand’s ground-breaking #thisisparenthood platform that celebrates the honest reality of parenting – uniting and empowering parents across the world.

George Bryant, Global Chief Creative Officer of The Brooklyn Brothers, added: “The COVID crisis has proved how important it is to have a clear purpose for your brand. It allowed us to quickly interpret the role WaterWipes could play in parent’s lives during lockdown – inspiring self-belief by connecting them to the practical and emotional support they’ve been cut off from. We couldn’t be prouder to help such a necessary brand continue to build trust with its audiences in an innovative and authentic way such as Early Days Club.”