Tech ’23: Clean Tech and Humanitarian Innovation

What’s coming in tech communications in 2023

By Matthew Warder, Head of Technology

January 23, 2023

In the world of Technology PR, no two years are ever the same and, admittedly, there have been a few recently that no one would want to repeat. Forward-thinking remains essential as we look to combine the tech sector’s expertise with what’s happening in the world and the topics of most interest to the media, all ensuring our clients are part of what’s shaping the industry. Here’s our take on what will resonate in B2B Tech in 2023.


December’s Earthshot Prize winners show innovative thinking will be key to saving the planet, but we’ve still barely seen the tip of the iceberg in clean tech. Prepare to see its true potential from here on in.

Innovation has transformed so many industries and, in 2023, we’ll see the full power of tech in helping the environment. Any process, product or service that reduces environmental impact through energy efficiency gains, more sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection is sure to be gaining the media attention. Leaders should expect to not only tell innovation and progressive sustainability stories, but also expect to evidence them – data and AI in this area will ramp up, with companies expected to harness both to understand their carbon footprint throughout the supply chain, and to act to reduce it as much as possible. Empty statements in the media or on social media about sustainability won’t go down well with customers, who are now keenly attuned to green washing.


Tangible prospects for brands in the metaverse are on the rise and present real opportunities to connect humanity in a different way,  so expect to see more businesses using the metaverse to meet in exciting new ways. Expect to see brands and businesses testing the waters by hosting events in the metaverse, media conferences, and even metaverse-based pitches.

However, with some nervousness from brands to enter the metaverse as it stands, one unified set of standards and principles will need to be established. A key focus for digital brands in the next 12 months will be working on interoperability for seamless transitions between online spaces. If that can be achieved, then there’s a real possibility the metaverse will be both a social and business game-changer.


The promise of robotics has been a hot topic for many years – but universal acceptance of the value of robotic technology remains lacking and there is a real comms challenge here to articulate the benefits of automation and augmentation to human workforces.

In 2023, more companies will embrace robotics, which will ultimately do the laborious work, and free up humans to focus on higher order tasks with creativity at their core. Communications around AI and robotics will evolve to reflect them as viable workforce options that plug skills gaps worldwide. Options that complement, not replace, human beings. We already saw the start of this shift at this year’s CES where tangible AI-powered products made up 15% of the show’s total media coverage.


As robots fill more repetitive or dangerous roles, humans will be freed to focus their time on using technology to solve real-world problems. We’re sure to see more products fulfilling a real human need and far less innovation for innovations sake.

As technological progress puts human need at its heart, media are likely to ask: ‘what is the human problem this is solving?’ with any innovation. To that end, we must encourage clients to show the real-life ‘human’ impact new products and services will deliver before showcasing them to the media and beyond.


Technology tends to be the first industry to decline and the first to recover, quickly. I think we’ll see a ‘V’ shaped response in the markets … as to when, your guess may be better than mine. Guiding and providing tech firms with balanced counsel in uncertain times is our mandate. 2023 may look tough, however, consumers still want to read good news and entertaining stories. We must find the right tone for these stories within a tricky market context,  pushing for data-led counsel that can help identify the messages that reflect the world around us. As B2B PR experts, we shouldn’t be afraid to be firm in making sure tech companies find the right balance.

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