Dove: Project #ShowUs

Dove is renowned for challenging unrealistic stereotypes and images of women in the media and advertising. To take the next step in its journey, Dove wanted to enable other advertisers and media to do the same; coming together to create a real societal change by setting a new standard for how women are authentically represented around the world. Partnering with Getty Images and Girl Gaze, Dove saw an opportunity to change the visual representation of the billions of women portrayed unrealistically in stock photography. They created Project #ShowUs, the largest image bank of women as they want to be seen.

Dove asked Golin to support them in creating a global movement towards a diverse and inclusive portrayal of beauty. With 69% of women and non-binary individuals feeling persistently unrepresented, the move to a broader definition of beauty has never been more pressing. Through rigorous planning and toolkits, we ensured the Project #ShowUs launch, the hero film, high impact OOH campaigns and its supporting research, secured earned media exclusives across all 39 key markets. We targeted social influencers as well as traditional media, all localised with relevant talent while a wide-reaching social and digital campaign across Dove owned platforms encouraged women to take part.

But this is just the beginning. Project #ShowUs is Dove’s largest and most ambitious initiative to date. Over 7000 images are available now for the media and advertising industries to view, license and use in their next project or campaign. Every image licensed will support female photographers of the future and grow the photo library further, so that all media & advertisers can reflect the authentic experiences of women around the world.

We smashed our objective to create a global launch moment and start a movement with reach two-thirds greater than the benchmark with 99% positive sentiment and 72% of coverage featuring either Dove or #ShowUs in the headline

In all 39 markets, exceeding KPIs by 40%.

20,000+ HASHTAGS
Our movement engaged women globally, with 20,000 women using the hashtag to join the movement online

2,000+ SIGNED UP
Women have signed up on since this campaign