• #MeToo has brought a demand for better.

    The marketing industry’s biggest abusers are being told that Time’s Up. And while that is progress, we still have an important question to ask: Just how many women’s wellbeing and career trajectories lie in their wake?

    In partnership with The 3% Movement and SheSays, Have Her Back is our progressive stance – and call out to our entire industry – to welcome female creatives back and propel all women’s careers forward.


Golin is committed to doubling the percentage of women on the ideator track, working towards Executive Creative Director roles, every year through 2020. We are looking for conceptual creatives throughout our network.

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Golin partnered with The 3% Movement to co-create “Manbassador” trainings – designed to help solve the question many men are asking: How do we support women in the workplace?

Creating Cultures of Empowerment

We believe that for this initiative to succeed, changes to the cultures that have enabled these behaviors must take place. So, Golin created internal task forces, held town hall meetings and focus groups to listen, talk and tackle the issues surrounding sexual harassment, assault and inequality in the workplace. And we’re making progress. We identified a protocol to address these issues as they arise. In 2018, 80% of Golin’s creative hires have been women and the percentage of women represented in creative leadership has increased from 20% to 42%.

Taking Action

Together, we must shift agency culture from one of entitlement to shared empowerment. It’s time to go beyond talk. It’s time to take action. It’s time to have her back. What will you do?