My PR Apprenticeship Journey

My journey into PR so far has been unexpected and exciting! After leaving school, I spent an unenjoyable year at Sixth Form.  I felt restricted within a boring routine that did not allow me to express my passion in my work so I completed the first year and then departed in search of a career path that would not only fulfil my desire to get started in the workplace but would also enable me to push myself to the limit. After endless weeks of searching I decided to list my skills and things I enjoy and use them to look into careers that reflect my interests. Firstly I looked into Fashion Marketing and as I researched into the career I found Fashion PR, having little knowledge of what PR was I began to research into the industry further and it seemed to offer everything I was looking for; an ever-changing environment with the space to create, change and develop not only myself but society and the individuals within it.

I then used my time to acquire more information about the industry and its leaders, taking me to the Golin website where I was intrigued by its unique history and fascinating array of clients. Looking at various videos of the industry changing ‘g4 structure’ and the brand new ‘Go All In’ ethos, I was very much drawn to the company. I wrote an impassioned speculative application and secured two weeks work experience. The team were so accommodating and open, they helped substantiate my first impressions of the company and the industry and so my desire to build a career in PR was set in stone.

I returned later in 2014 for another two weeks work experience during which I learned that there would be a possible opening for their first ever PR apprentice, in partnership with the PRCA.  The scheme that would run over  15 months and allow me to learn from the best and also rotate around each g4 community. After three interviews, a good dose of nerves and a couple of tests, I received the news that I had won my place within the Golin team as their first ever PR apprentice!  Being the guinea pig of this scheme for Golin I am determined to succeed. I want to prove the benefits that the apprenticeship can offer both myself and the company and if I can, inspire other school-leavers who might otherwise not consider this career path to take the plunge.