Animating #EqualPayDay


Women still earn less than men in Britain and effectively stop earning relative to men on Equal Pay Day in November. This year, with the Government’s gender pay gap reporting coming into effect in April 2018, the Fawcett Society wanted a series of animations for its annual #EqualPayDay campaign to engage more people than ever with its message of gender quality.


Fawcett asked Golin to create a series of animations illustrating the gender pay gap and its contributing factors. It was essential to create engaging animations that would clearly and articulately encapsulate these key messages. We decided upon 5 short animations specifically for social media, each one to illuminate a statistic or gpg issue. Our illustrators, producers and script writers worked diligently with Fawcett to develop the messaging and relevant visuals that would capture the viewer’s attention.


The animations rolled out on the Fawcett Society’s Twitter feed throughout the day, supported by a press campaign and Equal Pay Day event, hitting nearly three-quarters of a million impressions on the day. A whopping 387% increase in social impressions on the previous year’s campaign. A record 6474 engagements on the day.