NCP Let’s Do This

The National Charity Partnership (NCP) of Diabetes UK, The British Heart Foundation and Tesco aim to combat high levels of diabetes and heart disease – particularly among cash-and-time poor women. NCP wanted to introduce a goal-setting app to facilitate making small, habitual changes to daily routine such as trying a new form of exercise, kicking a habit or making healthier food choices.


Whether you want to swap fizzy drinks for water for just one day a week or get your heart pumping by taking a walk in the park, the Let’s Do This 8 Week Challenge provides useful tips to help you achieve your goals. We built a mobile-optimised web application that assists users in creating and tracking fitness goals, and a companion website. Built using the latest web technologies and tested across multiple platforms and devices to reach as many users as possible, we recently re-branded and re-launched the application.

Usability was integral to the design of NCP’s app, so Golin digital ran focus groups with the target demographic. We then combined the campaign’s existing branding with user-friendly web design to create a sleek and stylish app for desktop and mobile devices.


Unique registrations on the 8 Week Challenge. Over 14,500 registered to use the Goal Setter.

Goals were set online from May 2017 to December 2017. Over 18,000 were set on the Goal Setter.

Of the 295,613 goals set on the 8 Week Challenge, 65% were recorded as having been successfully achieved

Chris Thorn from the British Heart Foundation described the project as ‘Close to the ideal, agile, user-centred, digital project that we are always striving for’.