npower Blue Go Green

npower tasked Golin with creating mainstream talkability around it’s new renewable energy tariff – Go Green. At a time of environmental message saturation, we avoided being overly worthy and instead created a campaign around a mockumentary video series to engage our audience. But as we had no paid media budget to support the video, we really did have to get creative. Using humour and classic British awkwardness, we intentionally created a social first idea so awful it got talked about – tapping into the 90s revival trend, we asked noughties boyband Blue to undergo a transformative makeover to become ‘Green’.

Blue teamed up with the energy provider to show consumers that going green doesn’t have to be as awkward as seen in a cringe-inducing mockumentary we produced in-house. The entertaining, fly on the wall style short film featured Lee, Duncan, Antony and Simon and followed their eager yet confused new manager (Antony’s “uncle”) who took ‘going green’ a little too far. Rolled out on paid, earned and owned channels and supported by some great visuals, the video paved the way for an intimate one-off gig, giving UK consumers the chance to win tickets through npower’s social channels, by suggesting their best green themed names for the new ‘Green’ album.

The campaign film was the most shared PR asset in npower history and generated huge amounts of organic traction.


coverage generated in just one week (vs. a target of 73).


PR editorial reach


Half a million organic video views achieved.


Communicated that npower had launched a new renewable energy tariff named ‘npower Go Green’ (Gorkana states that anything above 41% is excellent). 72% of those exposed to the campaign agreed that ‘npower supports people to switch to green energy’ – an 11% increase on those unexposed