The Beer Bakery


Beer has suffered from a poor reputation – seen primarily as ‘unhealthy’ and a drink for guys on a Saturday night. So to put beer on a par with wine, and bring it to an entirely new audience of women and foodies, AB InBev wanted to find a way of bringing to life the natural ingredients found in beer.


We worked with Tom & Henry Herbert of The Fabulous Baker Brothers to create six breads inspired by beers from the AB InBev range. Each bread had a unique taste and contained the all-natural ingredients typically used in the beer brewing process.

We also launched the world’s first Beer Bakery in trendy Hoxton, East London. The Fabulous Baker Brothers hosted beer-bread baking master classes for media, a tasting session and did interviews throughout the campaign.


Over 221 pieces of coverage were achieved and social listening reports found conversation around the activity was 100% positive. More importantly, those conversations were being conducted by more women than ever before.