The Toblerone Take

Challenge: Toblerone has 98% brand awareness and 70% of consumers “do not dislike anything” about Toblerone, but competitors have bigger media spends, Toblerone was struggling to get cut through. People knew and loved the product so the challenge to us was to unleash innovative ways to get those people that love, us talking about us  – and increase reach, engagement and even purchase as a result.

Creative: Golin seek out fans and influencers who are already talking about Toblerone and send them unique, personalised content to fan the flames of their desire (and their conversations). Through monitoring conversations and cultural hooks, and using a real-time design template, we’re able to send out witty and original content within minutes of a trend emerging.  From the iPhone6 launch and the #HatsOnForHarry campaign to Ashton from 5 Seconds of Summer’s birthday and The Lego Movie’s Oscar snub, Toblerone talks to fans in the moment they’re talking, in conversations that are trending. And because of our irreverent tone of voice, we’ve been able to engage celebrities with fun content they want to share.

Change: Since the start of our new strategy Toblerone’s share of voice on Twitter has increased by 215% and real-time content now outperforms all planned content. It’s Facebook engagement has also improved by 32.5% and reach has rocketed in 2015 by 988%. We’ve been chatting to everyone from Ed Sheeran to 5 Seconds of Summer, achieving a total of 250 million impressions, so it’s safe to say, people not only love Toblerone, they love talking about us too. But most importantly, people who have been exposed to Toblerone’s social media content are 24% (net) more likely to have bought Toblerone in the past three months than people who haven’t and 27% (net) more likely to recommend Toblerone to a friend.