It’s an old cliché, but it’s the essence of the Golin Unternship – we want you to “travel in someone else’s shoes.” In fact, we want you to travel in lots of people’s shoes, embarking on a six-week journey filled with once in a lifetime experiences. With the Golin Unternship, you’ll jumpstart your career by learning outside the office in ways that will be relevant to your career, and the work we do here at Golin.

Meet Jasper, our third U.S. Untern.

The Requirements

The Unternship goes well beyond taking on an unlikely journey. We’ll keep the Untern challenged and inspired with creative tasks to share their experiences. Your regular blogs and social media posts, videos, media interviews, speaking engagements and more will be so compelling, people will want to follow you, and cheer you on. After the six-week Unternship, the Untern will prepare a final report and presentation, traveling across the Golin network to teach and train Goliners about the people we market to every day. Upon completion of their speaking tour, the Untern will be offered a full-time position with Golin, starting September 2017.

So, are you ready to Go All In?

The Details

At Golin, we find strength and inspiration in the diverse group of people across our offices around the globe. We always strive to know more, learn more, experience more. It’s also what we challenge our Unterns to do.

The Qualities 

Be audacious, not afraid. Stay bold, not boring. Remain driven, not distracted. Be prepared for plenty of unbelievable and unexpected creative challenges along the way.

The Timeline

Ready to Go All In? 2018 Unternship applications will go live Fall 2017. Stay tuned, and stay curious. In the meantime, follow Jasper’s adventure here.

Get Inspired

In 2016, Golin Untern Megan Duncan had a unique Unternship idea to inspire and be inspired by six different cultures across the U.S. over the course of six weeks. Megan is now working full-time with the Golin family, from our Los Angeles office, using her creative talents.

“As we set up camp on the mountaintop, I couldn’t imagine these surroundings as an everyday sight. Beautiful mountain giants dwarfed the little fishing town, the water lapping right up to the forests edge, and a smattering of islands scattered throughout the sea’s horizon. Yet this was the Sitka residents’ daily backdrop, and I immediately respected their ability to embrace the wilderness that engulfed them. This type of natural living requires a high amount of intentionality, care and balance.” – Megan Duncan discussing life in Alaska

Akinbola Richardson, 2015 Golin Untern, mesmerized the agency with his bold idea to gain new perspectives on cultures and societies while living with the Amish, rebuilding Hurricane Katrina damaged homes and helping the homeless. Now as a full-time Goliner in our Dallas office, he’s concepting, directing and editing videos and other creative for blue chip clients.

“What did I experience while living there? I can answer that in one word. Peace. I was truly at peace on their farm…I was truly happy and I believe it was because we were living so simply. I didn’t have any emails to check, my student loans didn’t exist, the pretty girl I never have the courage to approach wasn’t there…no crosswalks, TV shows, sad news, close calls, hunger, sadness, fatigue, depression, wants, needs. NOTHING. I simply breathed.” – Akinbola Richardson on living with the Amish

Read more about their adventures on the Golin Untern blog.

Check out our 2016 Untern’s unlikely experiences in the wrap-up video below: