Content At-Scale: One Effort, Multiple Outcomes

October 12, 2020

By Joshua Mathias

Content is one of those few areas in which more is more. More involved and strategic than ever, and with more potential output formats, one content-creation exercise can lead to multiple outcomes.

To meet the demands and expectations of consumers, brands are clear that they need to enhance their marketing and communications efforts and come up with a more diversified content strategy. To follow the traditional approach would require significant investment, which brands are currently shying away from.

Even before the full impact of COVID-19 was apparent, according to Influencer Marketing Hub, 69 per cent of brands expected to decrease ad spend, 74 per cent were posting less on their brand social accounts, and 65 per cent believed that spend will be focused on media that can show direct sales outcomes.

To ensure that their content is a base for effective outreach, organizations and brands need to create relevant content that resonates with their audience and potential customers.

Once brands and organizations have developed the key messages, a ‘reverse pyramid’ model, starting with an overarching message, is a great investment of time and effort. This could be captured in audio, video, or text – essentially a long-form piece of content.

With this defined, you have invested in a pool of content that can be the base for numerous smaller outputs.

For instance, a one-hour-long video can be edited into multiple 60-second clips for Twitter, 5-minute videos for YouTube, and even a quick 15-second TikTok.

Of course, this is not restricted to videos alone. The priority is on the depth and quality of the content capture; the potential output is unlimited.

Developing content at-scale should be a priority for every brand. To rephrase a parlance from the ABC of sales – Always Be Creating. Your customers are people first, and CRM statistics second. They respond better to brands that engage them frequently in familiar and native ways, meeting them at their points of need.