Cadbury Milk Tray Man


It was all because the lady loves Cadbury Milk Tray. Or at least she used to. Unloved by the public at large, we had to resuscitate the brand and drive double-digit sales uplift.


Golin tapped into nostalgia for the brand and launched a nationwide search for the new Milk Tray Man. We managed his comeback as if it were a movie franchise or celebrity story. A television advert kicked off the campaign and interviews with the star of the advert were suitably daring, he even arrived by helicopter at This Morning’s studios. Media and celebrity influencers recieved iconic black polo necks and Milk Tray to drive excitement and a buzz on social media.

We then revealed him through an extended ‘newsroom’ style approach and establishing him as the modern day icon of thoughtfulness.


It captured the nation’s imagination and generated over 1,200 pieces of coverage (including 51 broadcast clips), it trended organically on Twitter twice and over 20,000 people went for the job – even 007 Daniel Craig joined the conversation. Winner of the FMCG category at 2017 PR Moment Awards. Most importantly, it was Cadbury’s most successful PR campaign of all time with a 40% sales uplift at launch.