Golin Cleans Up at Cannes

I think every creative starts their day the same way: a nice mid-morning arrival to work, too many cups of coffee and a healthy dose of the newest and best work that our industry has to offer. This routine is put on steroids for one week a year in the middle of June: the Cannes International Festival of Creativity. A week when hitting refresh on AdAge means a new story about a new winner, a crazy yacht party or the latest celebrity sighting.

Every agency, client and creative wants to clean up at Cannes. But this year, instead of following along with the industry’s elite who were living it up in southern France, we took a whole new spin on Cannes. We decided to get serious and literally clean up.

Well…not that Cannes. And maybe, not quite that serious. We packed up a van, headed down to the Bayou des Cannes in southern Louisiana and got to work. With pickers in hand, and a lingering fear of alligators in head, we set out to show the industry a different – breath of fresh air – take on Cannes. In the midst of an exhausted news cycle and five too many poolside Instagrams from the parties in France, we were sharing photos of what it looks like to do Cannes bayou style. We traded yachts for a canoe, panel discussions for a sit down with some local residents and rosé for… well okay, I guess there are some things that we didn’t give up.

Like any great, Cannes-worthy idea, this one came out of sitting together and joking around. We talked about taking the wind out of Cannes’ sails by finding another Cannes and making our mark there instead.

But it wasn’t until Golin launched its Courageously Happy program – which awards employees money and time off of work to take on experiences that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do – that we ever thought it would really happen. Through this new program, the agency awarded three winners around the world an opportunity to explore what makes them truly Courageously Happy. And for the two of us, that just so happened to be cleaning up at Cannes.

Although the Bayou des Cannes may have won us over for the interim, we hope to see y’all in France one day as we continue to produce the most creative and ridiculous work for Golin’s clients that we can.

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