Intern at Golin Chicago

You’re a recent college graduate. Perhaps an aspiring PR professional. A lover of Buzzfeed articles and an avid consumer of the Wall Street Journal (and yes, these can be mutually exclusive). You’re looking for a profession that brings you as much joy as the McDonald’s fries you eat – which happens more often than you’d like to publicly disclose. You Go All In on everything you do, and you’re proud of that. So guess what, there is an actual career path for people just like you at a company who is looking to grow their team.

Introducing the Golin Chicago Intern Class of 2017:

Shelby Roland

The atmosphere at Golin is truly unlike any other agency. People are always willing to help each other out and are encouraged to ask questions. The internship program is extremely hands-on and everyone is a brilliant and fun mentor. Golin means it when they say they’re the nice guys who kick ass. People are always rewarded for their hard work-whether it be with an ice cream break, SoHo (our Thursday night social hour), an MVP jacket or even just an internal email.

Hannah Sheley

We were made to feel a part of the Golin team right away. Everyone was so welcoming and genuinely interested in helping us learn what it means to Go All In.

On my first day, I was pulled into a client project to contribute immediately. Golin is leading the industry with innovative thinking and strategy, and it has offered opportunities we could never have anywhere else.

Krystin Warden

Golin is an agency that truly cares about their employees – whether you’re full-time or an intern. Hierarchy is nonexistent here. Despite the level or community you’re in, each member plays a vital role on their team and the interns are given responsibilities of an Associate. Having that responsibility and accountability results in growth that all of us early-20 somethings are looking for and need.

Yara Ismail 

Golin is an awesome fit. I am a huge McDonald’s fan, and working with that team has made all my McNugget dreams come true. They teach me everything they know, and it all comes together to produce brilliant work. The interns are treated like we are crucial members of the team and it is very empowering. There are a lot of opportunities to grow and bond with the intern classes from lunch and learns, happy hours and trainings. Birthday cake Wednesdays are also a plus!

Mikayla Toonen

I know it’s cliché to say, but honestly the people make Golin so awesome, and they truly care. The best example of this was when I got sick during the second month of the internship, and my team made sure that things got done so I could rest, recover and return. We work really hard but have a lot of fun together too! Our intern class has attended an after work lake cruise, taco Tuesday and a few fantastic dinner outings.

Cesar Camancho

Golin does an excellent job of allowing us to expand our skills by giving us the opportunities to work on various clients. I’ve been able to jump on numerous accounts and learn about every part of a PR campaign from planning to pitching. Golin’s internship program is the perfect amount of time to help us learn and allow us to contribute to Golin’s success. Oh and of course the multicultural practice has been great because it’s allowed me to work on projects focusing on the Latin and LGBT markets. 🙂

Rhea Patel 

The company culture at Golin is absolutely amazing. Everyone is really supportive and approachable, and I have learned so much from the creative team and from others outside the creative department. Golin has definitely made a big impact on my career and allowed me to grow as a designer while working on numerous client projects.

Mckenzie Cooper

Golin offers the opportunity to work on real-life projects that have an impact on not just my career, but the world. Golin values the opinions of interns and understands that we are often times the target audience for our clients. I like that my work is never the same.

Haley Carroll 

There is a special tradition at Golin called Al’s Day – in honor of the agency’s founder, Al Golin, who believed in serving the communities in which we work. This year, I had the opportunity to spend Al’s day at a retirement center playing board games and singing old time tunes with a room full of co-workers and new friends from the center. It was an immense feeling of pride. Pride in Golin and the 100+ team members who also believed in giving back. This act of passion and dedication is intrinsically built into the agency. An agency where members are encouraged and acknowledged for chasing their passions – no matter what they are.

The beauty of Golin is the people we are surrounded by, the opportunities we are presented with and the experience to truly Go All In.

If you’re interested in internship opportunities at Golin Chicago, applications can be submitted here through the end of September for our January-June program. 

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