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Interested in joining a team filled with the brightest and best in the industry? Then, Golin is for you. We’re the nice guys who kick ass, and we offer employees a dynamic and exciting place to work. We recognize that our people are what differentiate us. We foster curiosity, creativity, collaboration, drive and bravery in our core values, and we believe that hiring and retaining the best employees who embody those characteristics are a prerequisite to client satisfaction, business development and financial performance. We take care to create a friendly, stimulating, team-oriented work environment. And while our employees work hard, the Golin style is supportive, warm and welcoming.

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To celebrate 60 years of Golin, we’ve compiled stories inspired by our fearless founder and PR legend, Al Golin.




Untern Update

Our U.S. Untern, Jasper Thomas III, is exploring the States in search of the intersectionality between the different communities he identifies with. Watch his vlogs, here. Les Latchman, our second U.K. Untern, is set to trek to Columbia, Costa Rica and Denmark later this summer – stay tuned.

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And you can watch (or read) a recap of Megan Duncan’s 2016 Unternship journey here:



Our founder, Al Golin, gave great career advice. “Go for broke” is one of our favorites. Because we believe you have to go all in in order to bring a big, game-changing idea to life. Al did just that the day he made a cold call to Ray Kroc when he only owned three hamburger stands. Because of that bravery and conviction, almost 60 years later, McDonald’s is still a client and has grown into one of most well-known brands in the world.

Our chairman, Fred Cook, didn’t get started in PR until he was 36. He is living proof that taking risks, experiencing the world around you and drawing on life experiences can ultimately land you at the top of your field.

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