Crisis Management

Our approach to issues preparedness and management at Golin stems from our overarching corporate communications philosophy that we call Communicate to Win. Business today moves at Internet speed. Competitors are constantly on the move and detractors stand ever-ready to attack on the battlefield of public opinion. Companies – and their reputations – are no longer safe behind corporate walls with strategies designed simply to fend off the aggressors. At Golin, we believe that playing “not to lose” is no longer an option.

That’s why corporate communicators must see around corners and over the horizon — and be more agile, inventive and aggressive than ever.

Golin gives companies the tools, technology, people and counsel to address the full issues management spectrum, from anticipating and mitigating issues, to real-time crisis management.

Risk Identification / Mitigation

We begin preparing for issues through a systematic assessment of a company’s risks. We define areas in which our clients could be vulnerable by examining internal and external factors related to the organization’s operations, communications, reputation and regulatory environment. Visually mapping out these risks allows the team to prioritize and plan resources accordingly. We often use this process to identify certain issues before they reach crisis level and can recommend corrective action to prevent some crises from ever occurring.

Crisis Preparedness Plan Development

Crisis plans that sit in a binder on the shelf are useless. Golin creates dynamic, actionable crisis plans that are customized specifically to a company’s staffing structure, technology infrastructure and communications processes. Often, we work with companies to create new crisis communications response structures that can be built into the plan. Our plans are developed to allow the organization to triage situations, make decisions and take action fast. They are direct enough to serve as a strong guide while still being flexible enough to allow for the true improvisation that is often needed to win in a crisis.

Drills, Simulations and Training

We custom-build trainings and simulations to test teams, stress test crisis plans and prepare client teams to handle just about anything that may come their way during a crisis. The trainings are comprehensive and participants learn and practice skills in handling traditional media relations, social media response, operational issues, internal communications and third-party stakeholder communications. Our scalable training modules can include:

  • Media and message delivery training
  • Real time crisis simulations
  • Table-top crisis exercises
  • Crisis response training

Rapid Response, Management and Counsel

Golin gives companies the tools, technology, people and counsel to mitigate issues and manage crises in real time. And when a crisis breaks, our team of experts is available immediately, 24/7 – both in our offices around the world and on-site with you – to provide counsel and help you manage communications. We have a proprietary communications intelligence and management process powered by The Bridge – our network of 22 real-time engagement centers positioned around the world that allows our team to help you stay ahead of news coverage, correct misinformation fast and distribute messaging across your key stakeholders in real time. Our process is built around rapid decision making, adapted from best practices in advanced communications command centers used during large-scale disaster response and event management activations.

Crisis Recovery Planning and Implementation

Many organizations stop communicating after a crisis and get back to business as usual. But Golin believes the hard work of rebuilding begins immediately when a crisis has been resolved. We extend our Communicate to Win philosophy to create compelling plans that help organizations recover and build trust in the aftermath of a crisis.

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