2017 Global Relevance Review

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Global Relevance Review

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At Golin, we understand that thousands of brands are trying to reach the same people every single day. But people are more discriminant than ever when it comes to deciding what grabs, holds and keeps their attention.

And if people aren’t paying attention to you, you’re being ignored.

Our first-ever Global Relevance Review reveals what drives relevance for brands in 13 markets across the globe. In partnership with the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Journalism and Communications, we studied 13,000 people in 13 markets on four continents. The research covers several communications macro trends and includes a deeper look at three categories that touch billions of lives every day: automotive, personal banking and social media.

But we know that big data only tells part of the story. So we paired our global study with some small-town intelligence. We focused on two small towns that took everyone by surprise with populist movements in America and England: Seymour, Indiana (the crossroads of America and hometown of John Mellencamp), and Preston, U.K., more than 200 miles northwest of London This ethnographic approach is how we study cultural phenomena – and it’s a qualitative, deep dive into the lives of people who represent it.

Relevance Research & Insights

Relevance Fingerprint is Golin’s data-driven analytics methodology for measuring a brand’s relevance relative to its competition, as well as what is driving relevance for each brand and the category in general.


Personal Relevance is Golin’s ethnographic practice. It uncovers cultural and behavioral truths, and it’s the way we complement big data with small data.


Accelerators of Relevance is Golin’s approach to mixing the art and science of media and influencer relations to determine who can spread stories quickly and to the most relevant audiences.


Relevance@Work is designed to help our clients transform from the inside out and thrive in the new world of work. We have the knowledge and experience to drive business results through an offering that combines progressive employee communications and innovative technology platforms.


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