Caroline Dettman

Chief Creative and Community OfficerChicago

Caroline is the firm’s chief creative and community officer responsible for maximizing our signature g4 community model to deliver Golin’s ambition: brave, relevant work worthy of awe and action. With 20 years of experience delivering creative campaigns for clients including Clif Bar, Humana, Unilever and Mattel among many others, she brings together all four specialties – explorers, creators, connectors and catalysts – to work as one seamless function that combines unique strengths from each group to produce brilliant, award-winning work.

Caroline also leads innovation at Golin within each g4 community, producing best-in-class product offerings that drive towards the most relevant work: The Bridge, Bright Collective, Relevance Roadmap, Brand Voice, Delta Set and Relevance Fingerprint.

Caroline is a graduate of Indiana University Bloomington.


A former New Yorker, Caroline has come to terms with living (and loving) Chicago, including the adoption of deep dish pizza, a Midwestern accent and the Chicago Blackhawks. But even after twenty years, she still misses Broadway, bagels and the Yankees, not necessarily in that order.

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