Sarah Matthew

President, Global Healthcare PracticeLondon

Sarah oversees the firm’s global healthcare practice, which encompasses two global, multi award-winning healthcare brands: Golin and Virgo Health. Both brands offer specialist services across the healthcare spectrum to pharmaceutical and consumer health clients around the world.

As President, Sarah’s role is to help clients access the vast array of healthcare experience and expertise within the practice and benefit from comprehensive solutions for multi-market, regional and worldwide communications programs.

Sarah has managed strategic teams and programs for Golin partners such as GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Johnson & Johnson and Novartis. She continues to provide senior strategic counsel to partners such as AstraZeneca, RB and Takeda as well as on broader industry reputational issues.

Originally a co-founder of Virgo, one of the leading healthcare agencies in the UK – recognized as Communiqué Consultancy of the Year four times, PRWeek’s Specialist Consultancy of the Year and The Holmes Report European Healthcare Agency of the Year twice ­– Sarah joined Golin in 2012 when the two companies joined forces.


Rather ironically, having originally rejected a career in medicine for fear of being too squeamish, Sarah has spent all but the first year of her career working in the wonderful world of healthcare. As a commercial trainee for Johnson & Johnson she not only discovered her love of marketing and communications but also how much more she enjoyed them when applied to products and services for health and wellness. Turns out she’s not squeamish at all!

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