Real world insights, brave creative, landmark results. Golin crafts bold communications campaigns for clients in the consumer, corporate, healthcare and technology sectors.

We help brands get their voice heard in today’s complex media environment drawing on traditional, social and global channels to drive brand awareness and ensure continued relevance.


We talk to people like they are human beings, not commodities or consumer building campaigns that are relevant to real people’s lives and focussed on driving action.

We think solution first, channel second.

We’re proud to work with some of the best-known brands on the shelves and in the homes of people around the world.


We help the many of the world’s most successful businesses to build and protect their reputations.

We help our clients manage complex and challenging situations by creating campaigns based on powerful insights and incisive strategy.

strategic services

Golin delivers long-term value to your business by working with senior executives to help them grow and protect the value of your brand.

From refining your messaging and perfecting their media interview techniques to staying in control in a crisis, we provide invaluable strategic services for senior executives. Our approach is underpinned by analytics, research and in-depth sector expertise.

Executive Relevance

We build a bespoke programme for your senior executives, defining the topics, talking points and channels they need to engage with.

Crisis communications

From planning and preparedness to simulation and crisis management, we ensure your senior executives and communications teams are ready for all eventualities.

Media & presentation training

Great stories need great storytellers. We tailor our training sessions to prepare your spokespeople to be their very best, whether on stage, on television or in print.

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We love showing how technology can shape the world.

We have built long-standing relationships with clients by helping them tell complex stories in simple, creative ways.

We help our clients grow their businesses by creating campaigns based on a deep knowledge of technology and powerful insights.


We are an experienced team of ethical and consumer health PR specialists with a different approach to healthcare communications.

We are at the heart of a growing network of passionate health communicators who are able to draw on the expertise and tools that our wider g4 community offers. Together we work with deeper insights to develop integrated healthcare campaigns comprising bolder ideas and broader engagement to truly inspire good health.


Consumers are savvier than ever when it comes to what they pay attention to and what they ignore. If people aren’t paying attention to you, then they’re ignoring everything you’re saying, so nothing else really matters.

We study the behaviours that lead to attention and action, and can identify the biggest opportunities to help you grow and maintain relevance. We are the Relevance Agency. Find out more with our Global Relevance Review.

Global Relevance Review

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