Golin Launches Executive Impact Matrix

July 27, 2022

Singapore, 27 July 2022:  Today, Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG) agency Golin unveiled the Executive Impact Matrix, the first data-driven solution to analyse the business impact that executive thought leadership delivers.

The matrix determines a leader’s overall standing against industry peers by generating an Executive Impact Score (EI Score). The score informs the areas that need to be focused on when developing a communications strategy to build an executive’s reputation. The tool also helps set benchmarking and define key performance indicators to measure success.

“When it came to delivering on the Golin ethos of ‘creating change that matters’, it was apparent that the most critical gap lay in measuring the business impact that communications programmes can create. The Executive Impact Matrix addresses that gap, and plays a pivotal role in bridging strategy and creative,” said Shouvik Prasanna Mukherjee, Chief Creative Officer, APAC for the Golin Group, who also heads the agency’s Creative Intelligence Team.

Central to the matrix are 14 critical business values identified using a combination of primary input from business leaders from Golin’s clients across the region, secondary research from academic and business intelligence papers that analyse leadership qualities, supplemented by the agency’s data and analytics platforms.

“The essential ingredient in our recipe for success is identifying the right focus area that brings value for businesses and define quantifiable performance indicators to measure success. It is only then that we can build a communications programme that is creative, impactful, and shows results,” said Andrea Tesorero, Director of Strategy, Golin Singapore.

The 14 core elements under the Executive Impact Matrix cover Business Fundamentals, Foresight and Connection:

  • ‘Business Fundamentals’ are values that drive revenue, including business performance, customer focus, employee development, employee wellness, ethics and trust, innovation, product and service quality and safety
  • ‘Foresight’ are technical initiatives that ensure the company’s future success, such as digital transformation, future proofing, and privacy and security
  • ‘Connection’ keeps brands and their leaders relevant, progressive and in touch with the ecosystems and communities in which they interact, including diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), social purpose and sustainability

Quantifiable metrics include the scale of the audience, frequency of content produced related to a particular topic, favourability and sentiment of an executive, and level of influence that encourages both action and interaction. Qualitative aspects cover leadership factors that affect decision-making and business performance against peers.

The Executive Impact Matrix is created by Golin’s Creative Intelligence Team in Singapore, with inputs from network teams including Jonny Bentwood, Global Head of Data Analytics of Golin and business leaders across Asia. Associate Strategist Ian Tang played a key role the development of and operationalising the tool, and Senior Strategist Miki Lai helped in customising the tool in traditional and simplified Chinese. The Executive Impact Matrix has been piloted across the region, and will be implemented globally.