Golin Singapore and Republic Polytechnic sign Memorandum of Understanding

5 March 2024

 Golin announced a collaboration with the Republic Polytechnic (RP) School of Management and Communication (SMC) at Republic Polytechnic (RP) to broaden prospects for its Diploma in Mass Communication students across Singapore. Under this strategic partnership, Golin and RP SMC will embark on several initiatives spanning curriculum development, real-world project collaborations, mentorship, and industry engagement. This reinforces RP SMC’s commitment to providing students with cutting-edge experiential learning opportunities.

  • Al Golin Sponsorship: Named after Golin’s founder, who championed the notion that ‘The best investment any community can make is in its youth,’ the scholarship embodies RP’s unwavering dedication to academic excellence, offered to students distinguished by their academic achievements and involvement in co-curricular activities.
  • Enhanced Curriculum Development: Golin will support curriculum enhancement in advertising, content creation, strategic communications, and public relations, integrating real-world best practices through engagement platforms like dialogue sessions, webinars, and field trips.
  • Practical Project Collaborations: Golin will engage RP students in two client-focused projects annually, spanning research, campaign planning, social media content creation, and marketing proposals. This partnership aims to provide students with hands-on experience while meeting the needs of Golin’s clientele.
  • Comprehensive Student Engagement: Golin’s involvement extends to student internships, staff attachments, mentorship in RP’s upcoming Content Creators Studio, workshops, and talks, fostering a holistic educational experience and industry readiness.

Tui Jurn Mun, Director of the School of Management and Communication at Republic Polytechnic, says, “The collaboration between Republic Polytechnic and Golin Singapore marks a significant step in bridging academia and industry. This partnership reaffirms our shared commitment to preparing students to excel in the rapidly evolving media landscape. Through the combined strengths of Republic Polytechnic’s academic expertise and Golin Singapore’s industry leadership, we aim to nurture a generation of dynamic communicators equipped with the skills, knowledge, and agility to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

Rafidah Rashid, Managing Director, Consumer for Golin Singapore, remarks, “The advancement of our industry is fuelled by its people: by the perceptions and mindsets they bring, and the influence they shape. We’re both proud and honoured to contribute to the foundation of this new generation of Singapore’s talent that spans our market, region and beyond”.