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    As we approach our 20th anniversary in Taiwan this year, we are determined to demonstrate the value of our unique approach to PR. We are a Progressive PR agency.  It is an approach that embeds ourselves deeply in our clients’ businesses and make us more accountable than ever to their success, both in the short and long hauls.

    Our brand of Progressive PR ensures that attention is not only earned and sustained, but also engineered to deliver stronger, measurable business results for our clients. We have successful case studies in consumer, finance, healthcare and technology clients.

    我們是高誠公關,一間在台北成立20年,持續跟著台灣與時俱進的公關公司。面對資訊爆炸內容為王的時代,我們更加強調公關公司的價值來自於主動吸引目標對象的注意(earn media),而不是用付費的方式(paid-media)達成目標。即便整合行銷或數位公關這樣的流行詞彙似乎比公關更受青睞,我們堅持公關的定位與其獨特的價值。我們主要服務的客戶橫跨科技、

    醫療 、金融以及消費產業。

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    Suite 1900, 19F, No. 2
    Lane 150, Xinyi Road, Sec. 5
    Taipei 110