A Day of Trans

With LGBTQ+ rights activist Yennefer Fang, we released groundbreaking documentary, “A Day of Trans”; depicting the lives of four multigenerational Chinese transgender individuals. With an aim to challenge the perception of the transgender community in China and the issues they face, we shone a light discrimination and motivated people to become allies. Reflecting China’s diverse culture on transgender experiences, we shifted the focus to the unique social, economic and cultural challenges of each generation, showcasing the community's resilience, strength and hope for wider social acceptance.

We got people to listen and feel.

We raised vital funds for LGBTQ+ artists and content creators in China and transformed conversations, including accolade from state-owned Global Times; an objective marker of reputation change. We created a new legacy in creativity, with art & culture, business, and NGO representatives attending the premiere to voice support for the transgender community.