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A Mouthful of Inspiring Stories
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Deliveroo partnered with Golin to boost the brand’s reputation amongst consumers, restaurants and riders alike through creative consumer campaigns and strong corporate community-focused initiatives; ultimately resulting in a Gold win for Media Relations at the PR Awards Asia 2022.

Our communications strategy was simple: share human stories with heart that would secure both the support of the people and Deliveroo’s Hong Kong market share. Riders were spotlit as valued self-employed partners with dreams Deliveroo was proud to advocate for, restaurants shared the financial success that the partnership had brought, and local tastebuds were represented through innovative data stories (how many baths do you think HK’s bubble tea consumption would fill?!).

In just one year, the share of voice rose by +5% YoY, with nearly 95% positive sentiment. Deliveroo earned its keep as Hong Kong’s leading food delivery platform; cemented as the industry leader that foodies, the community, and other stakeholders could reliably depend upon.