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Puru Puru Movement
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When Johnson & Johnson acquired cosmetic brand Dr. Ci:Labo (DCL)’s APAC business (excluding Japan), they needed to make it relevant to the rest of Asia, and particularly, China. At the same time, DCL also needed to jump a cultural hurdle: their Japanese positioning focused on simple routines and a scientific formula, whereas Chinese brands typically highlight a “secret ingredient” to drive purchase.

Golin aimed to drive conversation towards the end-result of moisturized, bouncy skin instead of the products specific ingredients. Golin decided to share the Japanese term “Puru Puru” – instead of “QQ” or “Tan Tan” (common in Chinese) – with the rest of Asia. 

Golin then joined Johnson & Johnson’s research team to clarify the “Puru Puru” concept by  developing the Six Dimensions of Puru Puru Skin:

  1. Uruoi (Moisturized)
  2. Nameraka (Smoothness)
  3. Hari (Firmness)
  4. Danryky (Suppleness)
  5. Kesshoku (Radiant)
  6. Tsuya (Glows from within)

Soon Golin announced the launch of the brand’s official Alibaba store launch and filmed a compelling interview with DCL founder Dr. Shirono and CEO Ishihara-san.

Business results were astounding: within 15 days of the campaign launch sales increased by 73%; the campaign received over 13.25x return on media coverage investment.

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