Love in the Air

As the number of smog days was increasing, Chinese citizens looked to improve air quality to better their health. Meanwhile, the smart home – or automated home device – market was exiting its infancy and continuing to grow. This presented an opportunity for Honeywell to introduce its first air purifier to the market.

Golin knew that in order to stand out in a highly competitive market, Honeywell must expand its exclusively B2B persona to reach the Chinese consumer.

The team personified Honeywell’s high-tech heritage and purifier expertise with the injection of an emotional connection. Impeccably selected influencers and interior designers were utilized to make Honeywell relatable, stylish and desired.

By the end of the campaign, Honeywell had successfully entered the smart home sector in China and was listed on the “2016 Top Ten Brands Air Purifier Sales Chart” by Tencent. After two years, the Honeywell Air Touch was also one of the top 5 selling products in the air purifier sector on

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