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Women play a multiple of roles in their lives, whether as mothers, wives, children, or sisters. Above all, women have the freedom to be truly women and continue to express their passion and reaching for their dreams. Health is one factor for women to be able to continue working without obstacles. Moreover, one of their obstacles in life is cervical cancer.

Based on 2018 Globocan data, in Indonesia, 50 women passed away every day from cervical cancer, which means that every hour, 2 women must leave their families and their loved ones because of cervical cancer.

KICKS (Koalisi Indonesia Cegah Kanker Serviks) initiated the #IAmTrulyWoman movement to increase awareness of Indonesian women to take preventative measures towards cervical cancer through HPV vaccination. Because by protecting ourselves, it also means protecting their loved ones around us.

In conjunction with International Women's Day, KICKS invited female public figures to voice the spirit of #IAmTrulyWoman and the importance of maintaining health through a photograph. 

This campaign involved women who are experts in their fields, including 28 public figures, photographers, stylists and exhibition drafter. They shared stories about the meaning of being a true woman through Instagram and a photo exhibition that lasted for eight days, reaching more than 12 million impressions and a total media value of more than IDR 7,000,000,000.

Not only held a photo exhibition, KICKS also conducted an education session on cervical cancer and its prevention along with 20 women from the blogger community in Jakarta. During the exhibition period, KICKS collaborated with InHarmony Clinic, providing an education booth for visitors who want to get more information about cervical cancer and its prevention, where they can also register themselves to get HPV vaccinations.

Holding this campaign is a reminder of the important role of women in life, as well as an invitation to take steps to prevent cervical cancer by vaccinating HPV, because prevention is better than cure.