Zespri Kiwifruits

Multiply the Goodness in Life
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Golin positioned Kiwifruit distributor Zespri as a brand that not only provides a foundation for nutrition and vitality, but also empowers Chinese women to gain more in their multi-faceted life, rallying behind a new brand story in 2017: “Zespri Kiwifruits, Multiply the Goodness in Life!”

Golin reinforced Zespri’s emotional connection with target consumers with an integrated approach based on the insights that Chinese consumers love to share their offline experiences online – and that Chinese women love to find ways to feel close to their screen-husbands.

We created an online-offline-online customer journey, by enabling Zespri kiwifruits to sweet-talk to our consumers via the voice of Sean Zhang, one of China’s top screen-husband’s, in a voice that would stir their hearts.

By campaign end, positive feedback on WeChat hit an all-time high,1 out of 15 Chinese was reached and sales of Zespri kiwifruits increased by 29%.

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