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Announcing EweTube, the UK’s First Ever Sheep-Based Streaming Platform

April 27, 2021

Having problems sleeping? We have the solution. The Premier Inn team has created and launched – the UK’s first ever sheep-based streaming platform where classic content is reimagined through the lens of… sheep.

Jam-packed full of woolly video content, the platform includes popular movie greats such as you’ve never seen them before. 2001: A Space Odysheep, Good Wool Hunting, Flocky, The King’s Sheep and The Queen’s Lambit, there is a whole host of baaaarilliant content that is not only entertaining but will help the nation get the rest they need.

In a mission to help the nation rest easy, we teamed up with Yorkshire Shepherdess, Amanda Owen, and her flock, to launch Premier Inn’s first-ever video streaming platform Supported by our resident sleep expert, Natalie Pennicotte-Collier.

Although the pandemic has restricted people from travelling and exploring the UK outdoors beyond their local area, our research confirmed 45% of adults still find being in nature one of their favourite ways to relax. We also found that streaming platforms are delaying bedtime routines and causing the average adult to miss 17 hours of possible extra sleep a month, so we created Ewe Tube to allow the nation to immerse themselves in the beautiful British countryside and enjoy the meditative benefits of counting sheep.

Ewe.Tube includes beautifully shot videos, soothing ASMR, countryside sounds from Amanda’s Ravenseat farm, and relaxing music, the content has been created to ensure it really does aid the quest for quality sleep.

Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, Sleep Expert said: “It’s brilliant that the Premier Inn team has created a new and dynamic way to help Brits sleep well after a tough past year. Ewe Tube enables the nation to soak up the beauty of being in nature beyond our doorsteps, and the old age classic of counting sheep, but all within the digital age we now know. The repetitive and soothing nature of the content, alongside my top tips, is sure to help Brits get a better night’s sleep.”

We are already counting, not just sheep but coverage, as the campaign has gained over 300 pieces of coverage so far.