What it's like to be a Golin Go. Learn. Inspire intern

We caught up with Go.Learn.Inspire interns Hollie and David on their experience over the last 6 weeks on our programme


In June we had the privilege of welcoming five young people onto our Go.Learn.Inspire internship programme at Golin. The six-week adventure was filled with eye opening experiences, profound learning and for us, the joy of witnessing young minds flourish. We spoke to three of our interns Hollie, Saloni and David about their time here at Golin.  

A flavor of everything 

Reflecting on her last 6 weeks at Golin, Hollie expressed, ‘I think all students when they think of interning spiral into a pit of coffee runs and lunch orders but all I can say is how much of a credit your team are to you for making us feel welcome, included and involved. We were hands-on since day one and having everything thrown in our direction led to experiencing a true insight into the variation of the PR world.’ 

Described as ‘PR tapas’ by Saloni, our programme was a delightful sample of everything the PR industry has to offer from influencer marketing to creative and strategy & insights. Our aim was to provide an immersive experience, allowing them to gain exposure to diverse aspects of the PR world from consumer to corporate and tech practices as well as influencer marketing, creative and strategy.

An environment of inclusivity and encouragement  

For Hollie ‘Having just finished school and entering a world where University has become a tick box exercise, taking risks feels almost taboo. I wanted to personally thank Golin for providing an opportunity where opinions have been encouraged, differences are embraced.’ We are proud to have fostered an environment where fresh perspectives are valued, and everyone feels welcomed and included. 

A journey of growth  

David, coming from Venezuela, voiced, ‘I was constantly faced with the feeling of having to work twice or thrice as hard to demonstrate my skills and willingness to learn and develop, but being at Golin allowed me to leave the imposter syndrome behind and focus on what is important.’ David added that he ‘managed to marry both the creative and the corporate and being embraced by the team for who I am, whilst being directly exposed to the industry and given theoretical and practical knowledge first-hand. It went from office duties to even being part of a panel and also performing! An overall amazing (and still a bit surreal) experience!’ 

Empowering futures  

Our Go.Learn.inspire programme is an insight for the next generation who may not of known or had access to PR opportunities before. We partnered with @yourgameplan and aimed to engage young people that may not have gained access or knowledge of our industry before – whether from a lack of career education in their schools or because they live outside of London.  

Looking back on the enriching experiences shared by Hollie, Saloni, David and our 2 other interns Matthew and Amal, we can’t help but feel a sense of pride and excitement for the next cohort of young PR professionals, if these five are anything to go by, the future is bright!